Three Waters Café has joined us at the PIT Chapel Hill, and is open for business 7 days a week. Guests are encouraged to get their favorite drink and pick a seat anywhere in the building; from the sunny cafe seating, to the cool and classy theatre, to the modern art lounge on the bottom level, there are plenty of spots plug in, get your work done, and hang with friends. 

Three Waters Café has a comprehensive menu that includes Espresso, Tea, Avocado Toast, Smoothies, Coffee Beans, Frappes, and much more. They partner with many local businesses such as Joe Van Gogh, Ran-Lew Dairy, Sweet Little Somethings (French pastries), Boro Beverage (kombucha), JP's Pastries (gluten-free and vegan bakery), and Imagine That Gluten Free (gluten-free toast). 

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Liliana is excited to serve you something delicious!

Liliana is excited to serve you something delicious!


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