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 You’re in luck, we’re hiring


We’re looking for



House Managers


social media Manager

marketing Assistant


To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to Use the subject “[Position] Application”.


We also offer



PIT Work Study is an opportunity to receive severely discounted PIT classes in exchange for working at the PIT.

Work Studies commit to the program for a four month term, working 4 shifts/month to automatically earn 2 ($50) improv class credits.Work study duties include ushering, directing patrons throughout the venue, clearing the theater between shows, checking bathrooms, taking out trash, closing up the theater, and more.



The PIT – Chapel Hill offers internships for college students looking to gain experience working with the small management team at the PIT – Chapel Hill. All internships take place at our office, located at 462 W Franklin St.

The following internships are currently available:

  • Theater Management

  • Artistic Direction

  • Graphic Design

Hours are Part-time (15-25/week) or Full Time. All PIT Internships must be for college credit. PIT interns receive complimentary classes at the PIT during internship.