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Between2Clouds to You



B2C2U (Between2Clouds to you) is an event which features a live music performance by a local band/music artist and stand up comedy. Music through both an in-house musician as well as an in-house dj will take place before, during, and after the event as well, with a full DJ performance after the music and comedy if the crowd or desire is there. B2C2U is designed to bring people of all backgrounds together in a unique space, curated to inspire people to be more bold, have healthy social interactions, and live a healthier life in the pursuit of having more fun. We believe these things contribute to "making the world a happier, dancier place."

Two ticket types are offered: regular admission ($5) and actual value admission ($15). The actual value ticket includes the cost of the artists, preparing for the show, and all of the work that has gone into it’s production. This money goes back to the artists themselves.

Earlier Event: January 26
New Headliner Night
Later Event: January 30
Open Mic