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In the MetroDome: A Post-Trumpocalypse American Musical

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Wild political & musical satire with a sci-fi twist, driven by song parodies a la Forbidden B'way & Weird Al. Twisted lyrics detail Trump era follies of fact & fiction, and a future world reboot of society, in a narrative of struggles for enlightenment amidst American obsessions and ills.

In the year 2038, decades after near-Armageddon, America 2.0 is literally divided politically into bubble cities, i.e. MetroDomes.  Hippie Prof. Martin Taylor uses music & video to expose events of Trumpocalypse and beyond. Tunes parodied range from The Beatles to Miley Cyrus, Mary Poppins to Hamilton.

The show's creator, Brian Matson, has been called "An evil genius,” whose satirical cable network & live productions are "as good as anything on Broadway." (by Michael Wright, now CEO of Dreamworks Studios, & Mark Shimmel, Exec. Producer of The Academy Awards.) Brian’s work includes viral Hamilton / Obama parody music video #NotGoingAwayBarack.

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